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Application Training Courses For Computer Aided Design

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 28 Feb, 2011 22:35:05

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There is training from CNCTC, Inc. that you can ENROL for when you like to acquire knowledge and skills about AutoCAD. This is going to be led by an instructor in a classroom and laboratory facilities with minds-on, hands-on, and laboratory activities.

You will be spending a total of one day for completing this course but it is sliced in 3-day separate trainings covering topics beginning with AutoCAD introduction with special focus on; X-y co-ordinate system; inputting points; the AutoCAD screen, basic AutoCAD terminology; modifying commands and drawing introduction; object snaps and modifying commands; input accuracy; sets selection; commands modification; scale / dimensioning / layers / text, object tracking and direct distance entry; objects properties changing; drawing panning and zooming; project planning; inserting and creating blocks; rotating and aligning; information that is non-graphical; filing areas; text working; poly lines; and tabs for layout.

The training will be followed by 3-Dimensional beginning with its introduction; isometric drawing; 3 dimensions working; 3-d objects viewing; wireframe models; line thickness; 3-d faces and regions; lofting & extruding; objects that are revolved; materials adding; solids that are primitive; Boolean operations; WCS to the UCS changing; materials mapping; new materials creation; tutorial and extra projects; building model; and lighting & rendering introduction.

On the third day, your trainer will discuss about topics that are advanced focusing on template files; AutoCAD osnaps usage; line type scale and line type; file formats for AutoCAD; grip editing; inquiry tools for AutoCAD; external references; variables of the system; set sheets introduction; dimensions creation and modification; and AutoCAD customizing introduction.

This training will be comprehensive and filled with information that is essential for a student to know with regards to Computer Aided Design for 3-Dimensional design, drafting, and shaping found with the use of its software. From this training you’ll learn from the basics up to the advance level of instructions that includes speed documentation, idea sharing, and ideas exploration in line with 3-Dimensional.

Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Drafting or AutoCAD whichever term used to call it, is software application for drafting and design of 2 and 3-Dimensionals which is the first CAD programs to be able to run on PCs, most especially, personal computers from International Business Machines because that time most of the other programs of CAD ran on mini-computers or mainframe computers which are connected for each user to a terminal of computer graphics.

So, this is the perfect time for you to decide on ENROLLING for this course called AUTOCADD 2009 3D Modelling that is found under short courses category Autocadd Application Courses.

Know more about this course by clicking this link =>>> 

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Ano po requierements pag nag enroll ng AutiCAD? And how much po kung may babayaran.

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