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Artificial Intelligence The rise of Machines The future of robots

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 13 Dec, 2010 14:52:55

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A robot is a man made machine that is widely used in manufacturing, transport, surgery, weaponry and even in space exploration. The very first functional operated robot was made in 1961 and was used to lift hot pieces of metal from a machine and stack them. This was the very first then followed by numerous inventions to replace human in some dangerous or dirty jobs. Robots are also used because they are more accurate and reliable compared to humans.  One of the very best robots is the bomb defusing robot which is used to defuse improvised explosives and other dangerous materials.

This robot is made to minimize the danger of human life in these kinds of situations. Another one is the robot that is used in surgery. These kinds of robots are operated using a computer console and is being moved by the surgeon’s hand.  The robots that are used in space are also very helpful too because there are certain tasks than are very dangerous or even impossible for astronauts and that’s why they prefer using robots rather than human. The robot used in removing oil spills are also one of the most useful robots which can work faster which can result to a faster removal of oils in the water. The said robots are just few of the most used robots in the world that are useful in certain aspects.

Robots are basically made to make our lives easier than before. Just imagine life if there are already fully functional robots in the world like household robots that will do anything you say without any complaints. This will really lessen work in our home when they are around. I’m a big fan of robots and I can also say that the time will come that robots will be a part of our daily activities. It may be possible that cars will be flying cars, all things will be voice activated and more. That’s the power of technology.

Robot will surely play a big role in our lives in the near future. It may be a few years, a few decades or more but one thing that’s sure, it will happen sooner or later. Technology is growing faster and faster. It’s already the 20th century and anything is possible. Technology is here to help us and to make life more convenient than ever. I just hope that mankind won’t take advantage of the said machines because if they do, that’s a problem.

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