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Backup Planning For Apple Macintosh: 2

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 15 Jan, 2011 21:46:19

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This is the second part of our article regarding backup planning for Apple Mac.

Your saved résumés or CVs which may be intact from your computer memory or can be an old electronic mail from years way back which may be an application that you no longer use of since the transition period of change in Operaing System from 9 to X is our main focus.

You can imagine how time flies so fast when the usual things you were doing like files dragging and floppy disk jamming into a slot casually is now things of old times. Now, at your disposal, there are common backup choices available which we will be discussing in a bit. The solutions with low-capacity are no longer a good choice, but to slow and back up data, there are multiple gigabytes available.

If there is a SuperDrive, no single Apple Macintosh PC don’t have it, even though Apple perceives recordable Digital Versatile Disk and Compact Disk form of media as something that will be obsolete in the future. On the contrary, according to those people who started these disks that this form of media will continue for a longer time still remains a myth. Over the course of time, as what analysis has come out, because of moisture and sunlight exposure that recordable Digital Versatile Disk and Compact Disk can degrade. Your data will be damaged as you scratch the disk really hard and backing up tons of data will retard absolutely. When you don’t have a network connecting two PCs, that’s the time to look for the smartest solution available from reliable sources from which you can move data from one computer to another easily.

Another option to look forward to-is the recordable discs called Blu-ray even though it is not supported by Apple Macintosh basically. Compared to Digital Versatile Disk and Compact Disk, Blu-ray holds more data (single-layer disc – 25GB; dual-layer media – 50GB), in spite of the fact that it is also prone to environmental dangers like the Digital Versatile Disk and Compact Disk. The price is lower for Blu-ray burners which amounting to $250.

For you to use the Time Machine, you may attach a second hard drive to your Apple Macintosh unit. You may do the Time Machine stuff after switching it on, but beforehand, all you have to do is to plug in a Universal Serial Bus drive or a FireWire or if your Apple Macintosh unit permits to, simply add a second internal drive. You cannot exclude any items when you use the Time Machine because it doesn’t allow choosing certain items for backing up purposes.

We shall continue our topic on the third part, please stay on-site. 

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