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Bad Effects of the Rarity of Laptop Repair Shops

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 30 Jul, 2010 14:29:31

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Last week, I had my laptop broken. After checking it, I found out that the keyboards were broken. There aren’t scratches, or dents. The touch pad is also working just fine. However, each letter and number doesn’t appear in the monitor as I type each specific character. Oh, I just hated that moment. Considering the expensive laptop was just days old, now it has damage already. How I wish I could get back on whoever dropped it down the floor as I am gone for a while to pee. I was so frantic at that moment. After a while of getting back myself, I just said to myself that there is nothing I could do but to fix the problem.

So, I went to my friend who how to fix PC’s. He referred a laptop repair shop in the city telling me that he can’t fix my laptop. Before I left, he reminded me not to tell that the laptop was dropped to avoid enormous charges for the repairs.

I headed to the repair shop he told me. There were other customers too who want to have their laptop repairs. I overheard the in-charge lady in the counter- four hundred for check up plus additional fees for the repair. When it was my turn, I told the lady that my laptop keyboard isn’t working. Following my friend’s advice, I did not tell her that it was dropped. After she tried typing in the keyboards, she told me that the keyboard isn’t repairable anymore. She further added that I have to pay 3500 pesos to replace it. I declined after hearing such high price.

After a day, I came back. I consulted her once again. Now, she told me to pay 2400 pesos to replace the keyboard. Surprising, isn’t it. Obviously, she never recognized me. I ask her if the keyboard was still repairable. She said, “Yes”. However, she charges 2200 pesos for the repair. How extravagant-200 pesos difference between repair and replacement! I left her as the conversation really heated up my head.

I drove around the city to check for other repair shops, but there’s none. Only few know how to fix laptop and sadly most of them take advantage of their skills-to the extent of abusing other people’s rights. I’ve written this, hoping others won’t experience same dilemma as I have. I already reported this incident to the proper authorities.

If you don’t really need to bring your computer outside, prefer to buy PC’s instead. They’re much easy to fix and almost every technician knows how to fix PC’s. When the competition in the market for repairs is tough, the prices of becomes lower. Hopefully the authorities get their hands on cunning wolves of the computer repair industry.

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