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Basic Facts of VoIP

by: Ailene B. Misa | 11 Dec, 2009 16:00:07

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Have you heard of the term VoIP? Are you aware how is this useful?

This article will discuss how VoIP works and its advantage compare to an ordinary telephone line. I guess after reading this article, you will then start your VoIP.

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a method of delivering voice communications over Internet Protocol networks like internet. It is also called IP telephony, Internet telephony, and broadband telephony/phone. This will take your analog audio signals (like the voice you hear over the telephone), and turn it into digital data that can be send out over the Internet.

This system use session control protocols to control the calls as well as the codecs-that allow transmission over IP network as a digital audio via an audio stream. The use of codec varies on the narrowband and how speech was compressed while supporting a high quality stereo. In VoIP, you can make a call, local or international, from a computer, a VoIP phone, or in an ordinary phone connected to an adapter (this is the most popular nowadays). Also, if you are in a Wi-Fi area that allows you to hooked to the Internet, you can use your VoIP service and call anyone from any part of the world.

You might be asking, "What is the difference between VoIP with Local/International call?" When it comes to expenses, VoIP services are free of charge compare to the ordinary call. There are some who will only charge you of the gadget that they will provide you. In addition, an ordinary call doesn't need an Internet connection, VoIP needs it.

Okay. Let us start configuring your VoIP. There are three ways to setup your VOIP. All of these are connected to the internet through a high speed internet connection.

The first way is through computer. There are some who use their computer alone. If this is your preferable setup, please ready your microphone, speaker, and the software for VoIP. Make sure you have a broadband or any high speed internet connection.

If you have an adaptor (ATA or Analog Telephone Adaptor, it converts the analog signal from your telephone to digital data), just plug in the cable from your phone (the cable that is connected to the telephone socket in your wall) in to the adapter. Also, there are some cases where you can make a free international phone call by using free VoIP software available in the Internet.

Also, you can use IP phones. It looks like a normal telephone, but instead of having the RJ11 phone connectors it have an RJ45 connector. You can connect it directly to your network's router or modem.

The main reason why it become more popular because of the costs advantage compare to the traditional telephone or mobile networks. If you already have an existing internet connection, then you will not be paying for the VoIP service. In case there would be charges, it is very minimal compare to the ordinary phone. You will only be paying for the adaptor or the IP phone or a one time fee charge for internet software.

In this time of crisis, this is the practical way of having international call or conference for business or even personal use.

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Nice blog!....e-commerce requires a reconsideration of an entity’s IT infrastructure security features.

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