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Basic tools that a computer technician must have (part 1)

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 20 Jun, 2011 22:01:43

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As we all know, computer technicians are basically the “doctor” when it comes to computers. They are the one who is capable of repairing problems related to computers. But as a computer technician, what kind of tools or equipments do you need to handle different kinds of problems and errors?  In this article, I’ll be enumerating some tools and equipments that might be helpful for you as a computer technician.

Screwdriver – As the term itself, it is used to remove and install anything that has screws inside the computer. As a computer technician, you must always have this tool. This is basically one of the most important tools for you.

USB flash drives with applications – You must always remember that not all computers have CD/DVD drives installed. So make it sure that you always have a USB with you that has applications that might help you in troubleshooting a computer. You must have a portable antivirus, a system cleaner, a Trojan remover and a program that can detect missing drivers. A small and portable USB can really be handy.

Air blower – An air blower is used to remove dust inside your motherboard. This is an effective way of cleaning your system. A very small piece of dirt can even cause problems with your computer. Especially with the RAM, having even a small dirt in your memory slot can cause your computer not to boot up. This is because a small particle can block the contact between the memory slot and the RAM which can even result to a burned RAM.

Eraser – Most technician’s call this “the magic eraser”. An eraser is very helpful especially with RAM problems. There would be a time that your computer won’t boot up or won’t display anything on your screen. This might be a RAM problem and the very first solution that you can do is to remove the RAM and clean it using the eraser. Your RAM might just be dirty due to dust accumulation. This solution might sound funny for you but this is effective.

Brush – As we all know, dusts is one of the reasons why computers overheat. A computer that has not been cleaned in a very long time has the tendency to slow down or even overheat.  A brush might be helpful for you to clean and remove accumulated dusts on heat sinks, fans, power supply and more. This will help prolong the computers life.

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