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Basic tools that a computer technician must have (part 2)

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 20 Jun, 2011 22:03:43

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External DVD Drive – As I’ve said in the first part of this article, not all computers has DVD drives installed especially in an internet shop, in an office or even the latest net book laptops in the market. In this case, you can use an external DVD drive to install something or if you need to reformat a computer. Basically, reformatting requires a CD/DVD drive for you to install your operating system including the drivers.  You can also use this device to burn files or when backing up important documents requested by the customer.

External Hard drive – This is another way of backing up files that are important to your customer. This can also contain programs that can be used to remove viruses, Trojans and repair tools. To prevent viruses, after using your external hard drive on a customer’s computer, scan it and immediately remove any potential threats to your computer.

Mouse and keyboard – There might be cases that you’ll be repairing computers without a mouse and a keyboard which can really be hard on your part. As a technician, a portable mouse and keyboard can really be helpful for you. Make sure to bring a PS2 to USB adapter so that you can still use your portable mouse and keyboard even if the socket is PS2 or USB. It’s better to be always ready.

CD/DVD’s – CD and DVD’s are important especially in backing up files. This is the alternative way of backing up files if you don’t have a USB flash disk or an external hard drive with you.

Thermal paste – Basically, a thermal paste is applied on top of a processor to prevent CPU overheating. This is normally done if your computer is just being assembled or if you just want to replace your heat sink. Just apply a thin layer of thermal paste on the processor and make sure that you apply it evenly. Uneven spread of thermal paste can cause overheating on processors.

PC beep codes – Make sure that you have the list of beep codes which will help you determine the possible cause of error in your hardware. In this case, troubleshooting will be easier for you. By just hearing the beep codes, it will already give you an idea on which hardware is causing the problem.

The said tools and equipments are needed by computer technicians to help them do their work easier and faster which can also result to customer satisfaction. Just a piece of advice for technicians, be honest all the time. In that case, customers will trust you and can even refer you to their friends when it comes to computer problems.

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Fantastic article, keep it up , God bless u.

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