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Be A CISCO Certified Network Associate Switching and Wide Area Network

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 10 Feb, 2011 17:10:33

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(This is the continuation from – Routers and Routing Technology.)

The second module will discuss about WAN necessities including technologies, encapsulation formats of frame relay, link options, and design of Wide Area Networking along with router configuration, traffic patterns, distribution, core, access layers, server placement, Point-to-Point Protocol, frame relay, and Integrated Services Digital Network as well as switching technologies operations and functions. Students who complete the course training will have greater chances of passing the certification as Cisco Certified Network Associate.

This module will cover areas such as functions, operations, and Wide Area Networking technologies primary components description, followed by switching technologies operations and functions description; Wide Area Networking technologies implementation and description; frame relay encapsulation formats of Wide Area Networking; link options of Wide Area Networking; frame relay, Wide Area Networking, configuration of router, placement of server, patterns of traffic, layers of access, distribution, core and design of Wide Area Networking.

Again, this training course will be headed by a well-versed and adept IT instructor in a classroom and laboratory setting following comprehensive activities which focuses on a real minds-on and hands-on mode of instruction. The aspiring enrollees should have at least good foundation of knowledge and skills for CISCO routers and routing technologies, and Windows OS working credentials.

The coverage of topics for this module begins with the overview of Wide Area Networking followed by terms and connection types of Wide Area Networking; leased lines; Integrated Services Digital Network basic rate interface and modem; switched networks; configuration of Link Control Protocol, Point-to-Point Protocol, High-Level Data Link Control, protocols of Wide Area Networking, and serial standards; Password Authentication Protocol, Challenge Handshake and Authentication Protocol, and authentication of Point-to-Point Protocol; configuration of Point-to-Point Protocol; components and standards of Point-to-Point Protocol; components and standards of Integrated Services Digital Network; switch types, functions and reference points of Integrated Services Digital Network; configuration of Integrated Services Digital Network Basic Rate Interface, and demand routing; Double Data Rate legacy configuration and verification and operation of Integrated Services Digital Network; about frame relay; and more relevant topics.

The best thing for a student or enrollee for taking this course training is that the review materials will be provided FREE OF CHARGE!!!

This is definitely a great offer from the premiere Information Technology institution CNCTC, Inc.

So, what are you waiting for? You may inquire about this training course through calling, e-mail, or simply visit our offices for more details.

For our contact information and more, you may click the link provided below:

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