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Beware of Sharing Your Profile Online

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 13 Aug, 2010 09:04:02

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Online social accounts are the most popular way of keeping in touch with friends and family nowadays. With it, we got the chance to be updated with the recent events and condition of our online friends despite of the busy way of life we all live.

However, comes with these advantages is the danger we face as we expose private information online. Not all profile viewers have the good intention of friendship. Some may use these sensitive details on bad purpose. With all the cybercrimes going on recently, it wouldn’t be surprising if one day you’ll be the next victim. Thus, it is important to ensure your security when you socialize online.  

Here are some useful tips in ensuring your security and safety online:

Share only your profile with friends

Most online social accounts have privacy settings. Facebook, Twitter, Friendster, and others have this feature. Make use of these features on your advantage. There is a setting wherein your profile would only be viewed by your confirmed friends. Activate this option so you can still chitchat without the worries.  Maximum precautionary measure is so easy with the convenient to use buttons and features of the available online social sites.

Accept only friend’s invitation from people you really know

If you use your real name and you post your authentic personal details, then it is only just that you accept only friend’s invitation from people whom you really know. If you want a lot of friends and followers for your online popularity, then make use of a phony profile. You should be aware that there are a lot of scam bugs nowadays roaming around social sites. They are up for your identity and use your personal details in luring you to their crimes. So, be choosy on people whom you’ll pick as friends online.

As much as possible, use your private browsing setting

For the purpose of market analysis, and also “hacking” intentions, some prey on many people’s browsing history. You can avoid their attention by activating your private browsing setting. These may somehow create a hassle on your net surfing as some sites don’t allow this kind of setting. You may not be allowed to enter these sites. You also have to log in each time you’ll open your email and online accounts. Nevertheless, these are only little sacrifices compared to hassles you’ll encounter once you’ve been scammed my online predators.

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