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Blogging - the growth of new media

by: Vianca C. Villar | 21 Mar, 2010 14:11:54

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Whenever we look for a nice piece of equipment, furniture, apparel, or an assortment of products what is the first thing that most of us consumers do? Isn’t it that we usually do a little bit of window shopping or at least get recommendations from friends? The set-up is no different for online buying. Needless to say, the internet offers a wide array of things you can purchase that may not even be available at your local stores. For this reason, it’s no surprise why a big number of consumers have resorted to procuring goods from the internet. Similarly, they look for online reviews, comments, testaments or blog sites from individuals who have tried the product giving them that sense of confidence and security that what they are about to get is worth its value.

Blogging, started out as an opinioned section of an account profile. Most bloggers pour out their emotions, thoughts or even distaste about a certain topic, product, experience or almost anything in their own personal web space. As more and more people started using the internet the percentage of blog readers also grew. This type of writing instantly caught the attention of internet users by providing factual and consumer-based insights on products. Thus, eventually becoming the new media. Companies taking up on blogging’s huge success have immediately seen its tremendous marketing potential.

Blogs, no longer function as mere “voices” of the author but as a way of drawing more customers for company and product promotion. In this regard, blogging is considered - an independent form of advertising and the blogger- a free entrepreneur. Currently, an estimate of 4.8 million blogs to have been circulating in cyberspace (Technorati). Its success posted a 35% growth in online promotion and that 11% of internet users read blogs.

Blogging is probably one of the easiest and quickest forms of making money online. At this point, companies realized the need to hire people to write for their web pages. Bloggers in turn, seized this opportunity by signing up deals with large scale aggregators and corporations. This method allows companies to bypass publishers allowing them to operate at a lower cost and for the writers to directly receive their pay. That being said, it’s no wonder why most businesses would go for such. Nowadays, almost all companies have made it their business to fill up their websites with blogs.

The expansion of blogging managed to reach not just businesses engaged in the production of goods but even those belonging in the service industries (e.g. law firms) as well. But, in every situation there are always two sides. Though, a blog may turn out to be a positive channel to build up a product or service it can be that same instrument to damage its reputation. True enough, not everyone can be pleased nor react in the exact same way, correct? Hence, if there are good comments expect to reap a few negative ones. An efficient mechanism for self-expression, views and even advertising is blogging. As the new form of media what matters is how responsibly it is being used to carry out its objective.
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