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Brand New Mac Preferable Ideas: Series 5

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 04 Jan, 2011 23:58:16

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In our 5th part of the series for preferable ideas when you buy a brand new Apple Mac, we’re going to focus on topics like old computer file transferring and software updating. 

·                    Old computer file transferring 

You may use the help of Migration Assistant when you are ready to transfer your selected or entire files from your old Apple Mac to the new one; it is so easy to keep your files on hand. Now, you can do more with your backing up purpose using Time Machine, file transferring of network settings, applications, and user accounts to your new Mac from the same location where your old Mac is. To get things started, you may need to directly connect your old Apple Mac with Ethernet wire or FireWire, or from your new Apple Mac you may connect the backup drive after launching Migration Assistant that provides important steps and from which you can find in Applications>Utilities. Apple has a lot of information to offer if for any reason you would need assistance. 

On the other hand, if you are planning to migrate from using Windows to Apple Mac it will be easy for you to do the process of migrating files to and fro. You can do moving of files through an external Universal Serial Bus hard drive or between your personal computer and your Mac with a direct network connection.  

·                    Software updating 

Also, when you have a new Apple Mac, for you to have a smoother and safer computing experience, your security holes patched, and software squares bugs updating. You may plug in your power cord to be sure that you can complete the process for software upgrading. The next thing you can do is from the Apple Menu you may select Software Update. You may know what your system has available in a new window as your Mac checks for a new software. With these you can see security, Safari, new printer drivers, and Operating System X updates. 

As soon as Mac restarts, you may run Software Update after you install a system update. You would need to apply the new updates for a new version of Operating System X as it requires. You’re in good hands if you see that there’s nothing for you to report based on Software Update. You may do the process [ Applications > System Preferences ] once you click the Software Update in System Preferences for fine-tuning your settings for Software Update from which updates installed are visible, automatic file download and application, and regular Mac updating.  

It’s my pleasure to have brought you the 5-series articles about preferable ideas when you are buying a new Apple Mac. Happy New Mac!!!

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