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Career Advancement Tip: How to Manage Communications

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 02 Aug, 2010 10:04:26

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Have you experienced being nagged by your text mate just because you hadn’t replied for an hour? It’s not surprising if you did. Many nowadays put importance on immediate communication. The convenience and massive availability of different modes of communication made a new unuttered rule. This new rule applies not only on social circle, but more on every job.

Now that prompt communication became a must at work, learn to adopt for a smooth sailing work routine. Here are some tips on how to manage communication at work.

Have a routine for communications. If your job needs constant update for instruction and you are having hard time to juggle communication and work, fix schedule for communications. Arrange with your boss and co-workers the time that you’re required to check your email, read desk notes, and receive phone calls. However, be sure that you have agreed on a mode of communication that is required to be answered in case of emergencies.

 Organize received communication. To manage communications, create a logbook for received communications. See to it that every received communication is logged, along with the names of files received and the time they were received. If possible, secure the sender’s signature. Doing this would definitely help you in managing your work and setting your priorities.

Arrange common agreement for communications at workplace. If your company or department hasn’t got a clear common agreement on communication, consult your boss. State your concern, and site how the quality of your work is affected. Have everybody’s opinion at meeting, and let everybody contribute insights. A unified management of communication at work will create a good working relationship, enabling you to work on a stress-free environment. Thus, you’ll produce more and better output of work, leading you to better opportunities in your chosen career.

Managing communication is an essential part in pursuing your career. Today’s technology bridges gaps of distances and boundaries. Use this fact as your advantage. Seek gain on every aspect, even on things that others perceived as disadvantage. The competition these days is tough. Thus, you should learn how to manipulate things, and stop things from manipulating you. A person who manages communication well is exposed to boundless career opportunities. He captures everybody’s favor and uses it on his favor. Wouldn’t you want a better career out of good personality? Admit it or not, good aura has its edge on career advancement.

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