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Career Tip: 4 Reasons Why Laughing Sometimes at Work is Important

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 17 Jan, 2011 11:54:01

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To maintain discipline and harmony, offices and companies promote strictness in almost every aspect at work. However, too much seriousness also can hinder efficiency at work. Employees especially the new ones tend to always keep at safe zones and not try to soar greater heights even for the company itself. Aside from this basis, here are some relevant reasons why you should get crazy sometimes at work:

1. It promotes creativity at work. As I’ve said, too much sternness hinders your capabilities. Because of fear and objection to remain on what is viewed as accepted, people tend not to suggest even if they have more relevant idea that could help in making a job more efficient. Like our bones and muscles, your brain also needs some exercise. If you’re constantly kept in an environment that discourages reasoning, your thinking skills will degrade eventually.

2. It encourages team unity and camaraderie. Laughing once in a while at work encourages people to open a good communication, which is really important in any job especially if you’re in a team. Getting crazy sometimes is a proven way of bringing good rapport at work. There’s no harm in amusing your co-workers as long as you know your limits.

3. It decongests stress. Filipinos are known as happy people. No matter what comes their way, they still manage to smile. This is one of the reasons why they’re known to be competitive on any field. When you laugh, your body tends to forget fatigue at work and eventually remove the negative feelings that come along with it such as anxiety. Like what the saying goes, “Laughter is the best medicine”. And believe me this is so true especially at work.

4.  It enhances quality and speed at work. Since laughter enhances your way of thinking, promotes strong bond among colleagues, and removes excess pressure at work; your efficiency at work increases resulting to higher quality of your output. Moreover…because you’re enjoying what you’re doing, you tend to forget the clock and speed up your work.

There’s no doubt, laughter brings enormous benefit at work. Aside from removing your wrinkles, it gives you more energy to face each day’s challenges with flying colors taking you to greater heights of your chosen career. So, what are you waiting for? Remove that ugly frown on your beautiful face and start wearing a beaming smile.

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