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Career Tip for New Grads: Where to Get Job Experience

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 30 Mar, 2011 15:53:27

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“What are your job experiences that makes you qualified for the job?” This question is probably the most asked during job interviews. For experienced applicants, this question gives the chance to show prowess. But for newly grads, this is the most dreaded question. This question would probably bring down, early, the hope of winning the job. Worry no more. Here are some job experiences you can claim for yourself to boost your chances of getting hired:  

On-the-Job Trainings. All college graduates definitely had gone through OJT’s. So, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t have job experience. Whenever you’re asked about your job experience, claim with pride your OJT experience. Tell your whole learning experience, including the challenges and how you came through with it. This way, the interviewer wouldn’t have a doubt that you indeed had a good working experience. If you are still studying, it would help to choose a dignified institution in your career as your training ground.

Community Service. Yep, you’ve read it just right. You can state your voluntary services for the community as a job experience. In fact, this is a good added point. The interviewer would definitely become impressed with your dedication in helping out people. Moreover, it goes to show how passionate you are with your career for you to practice it without payment in return.  

Freelance and Project-Based Jobs. Thanks to the availability of internet, getting freelance and project based jobs are now easier. You just have to become careful to avoid being a victim of online scams, and job frauds.  

Summer Jobs. Use your time for vacation in seeking job experience. Find jobs related to your career for you to be able to enhance your skills. The government is opening job vacancies for students to earn funds for this coming school year. Take advantage of this chance.

Part Time Jobs. Earning your own money to spend is a noble act and a self-serving act too. You can use having part time jobs related to your career in adding credentials for your job hunting in the future. Just prefer having job near your dwelling, so you won’t sacrifice your health and studies.

Whenever you finish a project or end a job, ask for an employment certification for your application credentials. Remember also to keep a good relationship with people you worked for. They’d become great character references for your job applications. Indeed, these efforts take a lot of time and sweat. But they’re worth it, considering these are for your successful career.

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