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Career Tip: The Email Protocols

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 04 Aug, 2010 09:20:12

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Emailing is one of the most convenient modes of communication today. It is also the most recognized source of credible affirmation among other online messaging. These characteristics make it the “most critical form of messaging”. Many had gone through troubles just because of sending email, including me.

Yesterday, my boss and I had a misunderstanding because of my email. I am new in the company and on probationary. The agreement is- I’ll post my first two articles in his website. I’ll be hired once these articles earn traffic for the website within two weeks. So, I submitted my first post for the site. After two days it was published and made available to the public.

A week has passed and I submitted the second article. However, 6 days went through that the article was still hanging for review. So, I emailed- “Should I submit another article?” anticipating that the second article needs replacement. He answered, “You still need 2 weeks of exposure before we know you’re qualified. So, Please Wait”. Obviously, I made him angry. He misunderstood me because of my unclear email. Now I have to settle the problem to avoid blot on my record. I’m sharing this, so you guys won’t have same problems as I’m having now.

Here are some tips on how you can avoid hassles in sending emails:

Have a complete and clear statement always. Talking face to face is much different from emailing. There are no easy reading facial expressions and gestures that clear out things. Thus, it is important that your statements are complete and understandable. Consider that the reader won’t understand you easily. It would be helpful if you’ll site previous emails connected to your current concern. Don’t be afraid of making your email lengthy as long as it is understandable.

Understand well first the message before replying. When you’re answering an email, be sure to understand well the message before typing your message. Consider your previous talks. Don’t jump into conclusion. Read also the subject. It will help you comprehend what the email is all about.

Be polite and prompt. When you receive an email, respond at once as much as you can. Have consideration for the email sender. With the busy way of life nowadays, it’s hard to get back on past concerns. Have in mind that prompt reply makes smooth conversation. It also asserts politeness. There’s no other way of reaching other people’s brain wave, but to reach their understanding.

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