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Career Tip: The Science of Successful Bragging

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 10 Jul, 2010 12:10:17

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Bragging is often perceived as negative. However, it is sometimes needed in getting ahead on tough career competition. There are people who effectively use them on their advantage without being noticed. Their secret…they know the science of successful bragging. Here are some tips on how you can brag safely:

Don’t mention an achievement when it’s not within the topic of conversation. This is the number 1 rule. People who instantly jump on bragging are viewed as big headed. See to it that when you talk about your feat, it is related to your present conversation. Don’t downgrade yourself while you’re taking effort in boosting your aura. Be patient in waiting for your “bragging” turn.

Let your conversation partner start the talk. You shouldn’t push the conversation. Have your chitchat initiated by your talking partner. If you start the conversation with the intention of bragging, you’ll get caught easily. Don’t push your luck. People will avoid talking to you. Instead, learn to branch out issues and play with conversation. Eventually, you’ll arrive at the topic where you could open up your achievement.

Learn to complement sincerely. It takes two to tango even on bragging. Learn to express appreciation to get other people’s appreciation as well. Ask questions and play along with conversation. Great conversationalists get the complement they want because they aren’t selfish. They know how to tickle other people’s ears and attentively listen to them. If you want your chitchat mates get interested with your talking, don’t annoy them with too much of about “you”.

Play along and ask questions. Ask people questions and have them annoyed with topics about themselves. It’s a bit hard. But if you get on with it, they’ll throw you out questions out of the blue. From there you could have your sneaky bragging.

Keep them guessing instead of revealing too much. Mystery interests people. I don’t know on what’s the secret behind it. People get curious of things that are hidden. Have your way in getting them interested by having them excited when you talk. Take a little sacrifice and don’t talk for some time. Eventually, they’ll get interested with you and you won’t have a hard time popping in your brag talk.

Admit it or not, we all need to brag. It’s part of boosting your self esteem and your career as well. Just learn the core science of bragging. Respect and be kind to others.

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