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Cheating at School: Do Cheaters Succeed?

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 30 Jul, 2010 08:47:47

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Exchange of test answers, copying homework, and other forms of cheating at school is common stigma of the academic system these days. As technology advanced, so is cheating. The availability of cellphones and massive use of internet enabled greater heights of this evil act. “Evil act?” maybe you’re thinking that I’m being exaggerated. Nope, I’m not. Copying and cheating is definitely evil. Even if everybody seem to do it, it’s still not right.

Yes, I’ve become student myself. I had it done myself. I let my seatmates copy on my papers during exams. Like you, I’m afraid that my classmates wouldn’t accept me among their circle if I wouldn’t give them favor. One day, our professor surprised us with a quiz. I haven’t studied the night before that day, thus I failed the quiz and so are my seatmates. They blamed me for not studying. This made me realize that I was wrong for letting them depend on me. I am not doing them any good by letting them cheat.

So you see cheating will only lead you to trouble. If not now, surely in the future it will have its consequences. Exams, quizzes, and assignments were made to instill the lessons we’ve learned at school, not to teach us dishonesty. So stop blaming your teachers, the school admin, or your fellow classmates who don’t allow you to copy their answers. They’re merely doing you favor. You are required to learn the lessons, not purely to pass the tests alone. Passing tests is only to check if indeed you’ve learned those required information for your chosen career.

Would you want to have your diploma with your brains empty? It would be shameful, if you’d only start studying when you’re already employed. The competition nowadays is tough. There isn’t room for individuals who lack skills and knowledge. You’d only get your credibility stained, if you’ll graduate because of cheating. Would you want your peers to remember you as cheater? One of them might be even your future prospect boss. Do you think you’ll be hired if you’re a popular cheater?

There are a lot of ways you can get ahead of the school competition without being dishonest. Study and do your job as a student. If you’re having a hard time on a particular subject, learn to ask to teachers or fellow students. Join group studies and be with people who promote achievements through good acts.

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