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China Shall Never Give Up From Using Internet Explorer Version 6

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 07 Dec, 2010 20:50:41

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You may not believe this but until now Internet Explorer 6 is still being used in China. Based on 45.2% statistics from Net Application data gathered by web analytics, the Chinese people are still using IE6 even Microsoft Corporation likes to declare it’s already obsolete.

When Net Application released the date last November, it seems like China’s usage of Internet Explorer 6 is greater than five times than any other countries in the world. Last month, the usage statistics of IE6 in all other countries is just 7.6% lower than that of China. The overall global average share of 14.6% using Internet Explorer 6 includes China.

A method used in Aliso Viejo, California is said to provide a better picture of browser usage internationally which it can gather information about the Internet demography of each nation which recently gauges China’s dependence on Internet Explorer 6 which skews Net Application’s tabulation.

China alone has 420 million Web users compared to the United States which has about 240 million Internet users, second-highest on the statistics table based on estimates by Nielsen.

The worldwide Internet data of Microsoft Corporation states that China is still using the 9 year old Internet Explorer 6 as their main browser.

The director of product marketing for Internet Explorer, Roger Capriotti said that most people in China are still using Internet Explorer 6, which appears in a blog a week ago. Capriotti said when he assumes office last summer that he’s aiming to deprive the public for using Internet Explorer 6 which tends to be a reality. He noted that since August of 2010, Internet Explorer version 6 usages fell down for points of more than 5%.

Capriotti stated main possibilities why China still rely on Internet Explorer 6 in an interview a week ago. He said that the issue conforms from piracy to the refresh rate of personal computers in China. Capriotti implied that Microsoft Corporation’s upgrade and patch service boxes are never connected to Windows update.

The main thing to blame is the existence and running of Windows pirated software which belongs to the fake copies which are still in rage in China that hardly has upgrade features or Windows update options in it according to Microsoft Corporation. The reason why China is still using these counterfeits without any updating features is because they are afraid for the fact that Microsoft Corporation may detect they are using illegal versions of the software that eventually lead for disablement. Microsoft Corporation declared that China is a venue of fake software versions.

The pace at which users in China upgrade their PCs to a newer OS is far from worldwide average according to Capriotti, but Net Applications’ stats could not verify if there is a piracy issue involved.

Based on new tabulations made, there are 57.9% of Internet users globally who ran Windows XP in November, while 19.7% of all computers online to the Internet are using the latest Windows 7.The vice president of marketing for Net Applications, Vince Vizzaccaro mentioned that China’s XP share was remarkable at 81.8% which makes a bigger share for Windows XP for the entire country. China’s share of 10.3% for using Windows 7 can be said to be bit more than half of the average worldwide.

However, Internet Explorer 6 and Windows XP are interconnected with a common operating system which started to run in 2001 and made IE6 to be the default browser. An XP user may have to accept browser upgrade message from Windows Update or manually upgrade their browser if they want to run Internet Explorer’s newer versions such as Internet Explorer 7 from 2006 or Internet Explorer 8 from 2009.

During an interview with Capriotti last Tuesday he refused to declare Microsoft Corporation’s strategies that will propose the dumping of Internet Explorer version 6 in China.

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