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Cisco IOS Router Operation

by: Melissa Reyes | 04 Jun, 2010 16:28:34

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Before taking the exam, what usually bothers you most? Terms? Theories? Processes? Surely, configuration of basic Cisco IOS router operation will be included in CCNA test.

Internetwork Operating System (IOS) is a software operating system that runs on most Cisco network devices including router and switches. A Cisco CCNA taker should be well-versed in all aspects of Cisco competencies. Before taking the exam, there are two important things to master when you configure any of the devices of Cisco network. First, you have to familiarize the commands of Cisco IOS Configuration. These commands must be properly typed. And second, make it sure that you know how  to use the Command Line Interface (CLI) as you configure and troubleshoot any of the Cisco devices.

Here are some instructions that help you in the long run.

1. How to connect to a Router in order to configure it:

Always bear in mind that Cisco IOS Router can possibly be connected directly or remotely. If it is not yet configured, this can be directly attached to a console cable through the CON port or it may be done remotely.  You just dial into a modem that is connected to the AUX port. This is called "out-of-band" connection methods. After the configuration, create IP addresses to its interfaces, and then through Telnet or SSH, connect to the router  with an "in-band" connection method.

2. Next, connect to a Cisco Router.

 Now it is the time for you to use the commands.  You must be familiar with all the commands because the Command Line Interface will appear. Then you type the commands and press “enter” configuration commands. As soon as you type a command, again press “enter” and the command is activated on the device at once. Again, you must be very careful in typing these commands. They must be exact.  Typing any single unit may impede the activation. The router configuration modes will be discussed separately.

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