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Cloud Connect Purpose

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 03 Mar, 2011 21:32:24

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There is a better way for documents to collaborate and share with others using of one of the widely used online based document filing program called Google Docs. On the contrary, many features of Microsoft Office is lacking from this site. The good news is there’s a program that can fix this issue called Cloud Connect from Google.

This special Website is used as Microsoft Office plug-in to synchronize automatically the files from Office using back up process online for the sake of Google Docs users and it is working with Windows versions from 7, Vista, NET, XP, 2010, 2007, down to 2003.

An account with Google is important to use the service. On the left page of the Cloud Connect you may click the link that is the blue download. It will take around sixty seconds for the installation of plug-ins to take place after your acceptance of the terms and conditions from Google.

Upon completion of the installation process, there will be a message displayed. From that point you may open Microsoft Office programs such as PowerPoint, Word, or Excel. A message from Cloud Connect from Google will be visible to you underneath the ribbon across the screen’s top portion.

Your account or username and password for your account with Google need to be entered after clicking Login. You can also choose to do it manually then click OK, or you can choose the application for automatic file synchronization with backups online.

As you normally would like to do, you can perform your file saving task, and then a Uniform Resource Locator will show directly to your document through the updates brought about by Cloud sharing. You will have the option to download your file that appears with the use of Google Docs by clicking the link.

Located on the far right screen of PowerPoint, Word, or Excel you may click the button of Share for sharing your document files with your colleagues and acquaintances. From there you can view the settings menu. You can assign individuals to whom you can send or share your files with from that point.

For file revising purposes, you can also designate other people to perform that. One of Cloud Connect’s excellent features is providing other people the permission to do file revising. If the plug-in for Cloud Connect is installed for the other person at the same time, you can do file editing with every revisions you made visible on the other party’s monitor every time you’re done with your saving task.

The Google Docs becomes more useful with the use of plug-in through Cloud Connect of Google because the cloud makes the process of file backing up streamlined, but on the contrary mixed reviews is being met. The downside of this program is that there are many reported cases of lacking features and issues regarding privacy. 

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