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C#.NET Programming Short Course

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 17 Feb, 2011 21:48:27

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If you have basic programming knowledge and you still like to learn all things you need to know on C# net program building then you must enroll with one of our special short courses under Programming Courses category on the short courses list called C#.NET programming which will run for only 30 hours.

It is good thing to know that what you will be learning from CNCTC, Inc.’s superior training with world-class quality that can help you climb the Information Technology career ladder as well as enrich your knowledge in whatever area of study in computer and its components you like to learn.

Together with the assistance of well-trained and adept instructors, you will surely gain the skills needed in order to perform the right execution of a certain command and steps in programming a specific language or software than can be used both professionally and personally.

The course will cover NET Framework followed by Common Language Runtime and NET Framework overview then Application Programming Interface / Library of Class; Visual Studio .NET IDE and C#.NET; new C# project and choices of projects creation; windows of Development Environment; Toolbox controls usage; using Library Help Files of Microsoft Developer Network; fundamentals of #.NET; Properties; Events; Methods; Language Syntax, Data Types and Casting, Variable Scope, and Object Oriented Features of C#.NET; Windows Forms overview; explanation of C# NET Inheritance, Encapsulation, and Polymorphism; definition of objects; new keyword importance; C# .NET object member variables access; access modifiers usage; C#.NET – NET OOP Classes; NET applications including C# building blocks; class definitions and structure of C#.NET; Debugging and Handling Error of C#.NET; integrated debugging environment of C#; Errors of C#.NET; Handling error of  C# .NET; Data Access using C#.NET for ADO .NET; Object Model for ADO .NET; C#.NET Data access; C#.NET Data Binding; Data Sets; C#.NET – Forms Programming, Forms as Objects, Handling Form Events, .NET XML Web Services, and compilation & distribution; .Net Controls usage; Advanced Project Properties of .NET; C#.NET Web Service IDE; options in deployment; and Global Assembly Cache assemblies installation.

You will surely get the knowledge through practical training in a classroom and laboratory setup. You will never regret the time that you decided to enroll and study the course of your choice and it’s really worth the money you spent. The knowledge you will be gaining through the course training you preferred can open the doors of new opportunities and for certain you will reap the fruits of your labor. It will be a great foundation and investment for your careers’ future and personal development at the same time.

No wonder, after the training you can apply for yourself all the information you have learned about the course of your choice. There’s no training from this institution without a purpose. All you have to do on your part is to be fully equipped with the materials need for your course study, have your full dedication and focus while on training to learn all important and essential areas of the course you need to know.

After all your effort and hard work in studying all the lessons and manual application of each course you will surely see the big difference and improvement on your computer skills. You will have a passport to success upon learning all these courses that CNCTC, Inc. has to offer. You are on the right track and chose the right institution for you to learn your preferred course. This is your doorstep to fortune and success!

Start your way in realizing your dreams, goals, and aspirations. Don’t be left behind! Decide for yourself now to turn to the right path of your success. Everyday of your training period will be a distinctive experience that marks your mind of the relevant facts and information useful for your own and the world outside. This would be a great chance for you to enhance and hone your knowledge and skills in all computer aspects.

For more inquiries, you may visit the link for this course below this article:

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