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Commitment plus preparation equal to passing the certification exam

by: Melissa Reyes | 11 Aug, 2010 20:24:28

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 In the field of Information technology, certification has been the most powerful weapon for the challenge of advancement and growth. There is no doubt that this has been the buzzword that is transferred from mouth to mouth and this makes almost every computer professionals obtain at least one of the certifications. Nevertheless, every applicant must take into consideration of the time, effort and more importantly the cost being dispensed. If you were one of them, you should not underestimate the expense. Before taking the exam, you are expected to pour some amount for CD’s, books, manuals, as well as training and the certification exam fee. But there are more than those. These are commitment and devotion and of course preparation.

          Let say you have all the resources including your training, this does not end. You should set a firm objective – to pass the exam. Take a look on this article.

1. Commitment – If you are determined to pass the exam, you must do your best. This means that you have to go straightforward. Once you paid for your resources and you register in a training center, you have to devote you time for you training. Money doesn’t justify for being certified. Your success is on your hands not on the money. When I say commitment, this requires you to read your books, listen to the CD’s, as well as to attend the trainings. For the mean time, forget other commitments, focus on your goal-to pass the exam and get certification! Every aspirant must have all his self-motivation to become successful. Holding books, CD’s and other sources doesn’t mean holding certification. Efforts and commitment are necessary.

2. Preparation – It has been said that the primary reason that impedes success is the lack of training or preparation. If you never had the time to study and preferred cramming 3 days before the exam, whether you are expert or not, this equals to failing. Preparation takes time. Do you think you know everything and nothing more to learn? How can you assure yourself to pass the exam? Think again. Organize your schedule properly, otherwise, it will be too late and you regret! For more information on how to prepare for any IT certification, click here:   Preparing for the MCSE Certification exam equals passing the exam

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