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Common Mistakes in Upgrading a Computer System

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 13 Jun, 2011 19:35:27

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What is a PC upgrade? Pc upgrade from the term itself is the process in which you add or replace existing hardware devices to a newer one or to a more advanced one. Basically, you can upgrade almost everything inside your computer, from the RAM, hard drive, video card, processor, power supply and more. Upgrading can be done by anyone but make sure that he knows what he’s doing but if you’re going to ask me, let an experienced technician do the job to avoid any problems. In this article, I’ll be discussing the common mistakes during hardware upgrade.

Memory upgrade – The most common mistake in upgrading the RAM or Random Access Memory is to buy the wrong kind of module. Buying an incompatible RAM for your computer can cause damage to your motherboard. Another common mistake is to forget checking the maximum capacity that your system can handle. If your system can only accept up to 4GB memory, this will be its maximum and your system won’t recognize the other 4GB if you’ll be putting 8GB in your system. To avoid this kind of RAM upgrading mistakes, make sure to check the compatible memory module for your system. This can normally be found on your motherboard’s manual or try checking the current memory module on your motherboard and write down the bus speed. For the maximum capacity of your motherboard, this can also be seen on your motherboard’s manual.

Video card upgrade – For video card upgrades, the most common mistake is to buy a video card that is not compatible or has a different slot compared to your motherboard. In upgrading your video card, you must first know the slot of your motherboard. The different kinds of slots are the AGP, PCI, PCI-E x 16 or PCI-E x 8. If you know the slot of your motherboard, it will be easier for you to upgrade your video card.

Hard disk drive upgrade – There can only be one mistake in upgrading your hard drive, buying the SATA connection for an IDE motherboard or vice versa. For hard disk drives, there are only two kinds, the hard drives with IDE connection and the SATA type. For older motherboards, they used IDE connection for hard disks but the newer ones already use SATA. Newer motherboards mostly have SATA and IDE combined already which enables users to mount both IDE and SATA devices at the same time..

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