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Common Signs of a Failing Graphics Card

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 27 Jul, 2011 20:38:33

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Graphic cards or also known as video cards are the one in charge of displaying pictures in our screens. There are two types of video cards, the built in video card and the dedicated video card. Built in video cards are already embedded at the mother board while the dedicated video card are bought separately. When it comes to performance, dedicated video cards will be better compared to a built in. Most gamers are using dedicated video card to give them crisp and real life picture screens. Video cards are one of the most used components in a computer and that is why it can also be prone to overheating or failing. In this article, I’ll be talking about some of the signs of a failing video card.

Noisy fan – One sign of a failing video card is a noisy fan. Most video cards are equipped with a fan for cooling purposes. If your video card fan is noisy, try removing it then clean it. If this won’t fix the noise, it may be close to failing already.

BSOD (Blue screen of death) – Blue screens occur when there is a problem with your hardware or software. If your screen shows that your video card is the one causing the problem, try removing your video card and clean it with an eraser then put it back in. If the blue screen still states the same problem, there might already be a problem with your video card.

Flickering display – This is another common sign of a failing video card. You will notice that your screen will start flickering ever now and then. Try using another monitor to check if your monitor is the problem. But if after changing your monitor and screen still flicker; this is also a sign of a failing video card.

The said three are the common things that you must check if your video card is failing. A video card can overheat easily especially during gaming. If you are a gamer, it is highly advisable to buy a good VGA cooler for your computer. This way, your video card’s life will be longer.

To avoid having problems with your computer, a regular maintenance would do the trick. You can clean your computer at least once a week to avoid dust accumulation. That way, heat can dissipate well which can avoid overheating computer parts. If you’ll be feeling something unusual with your computer, check it immediately. Maintaining your computer is much cheaper than replacing parts every now and then.

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