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Computer Addiction or Internet Addictive Disorder: the most fearful disease from computer games

by: Melissa Reyes | 27 Sep, 2010 13:31:58

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The influx of technology marked the enormous account and benefits to our daily lives. And we are still expecting the far-reaching aftermath or unending innovations for the advancement of technology. As it grows, inseparably the adverse effects follow. Why are the young engrossed with using computers? Surely, the first thing in your mind is computer games. Exactly! The sheer popularity of counter strike, frozen throne, vice city, and other buzz games signifies the curse of children’s future life simply because of addiction! This phenomenon is not only in the USA, Japan, Korea, Philippines but also in all over the world.

I do admit that the effects on individual vary depending on how he or she takes into account. This means that some children just relieve their boredom and stress by playing for an hour. What makes it worse is that some children spend most of their free time playing on the computer if not on other consoles like PSP or Nintendo.

Moreover, as I watched my five-year-old son opening the account of his brother in facebook, I was amazed when he clicked the “games”, and started playing Ninja Naga. What bothered me so much is that as these children are exposed to many kinds of games everywhere; it eventually disrupts their study habit.

Who is culpable? Who is responsible? I am not pointing the arrow to the programmers or the firm promoting games because just like other businessmen, they, by no means put their business at risk. The bottom line here is money, money, money. Nevertheless, according to Mr. Richard Dows, they stoke the fires into roaring blazes. And we can’t put this out it if not controlled.

On the other side of the coin, parents are more responsible for their children. If they are given more love and attention, this does not worry most parents much for these children prefer to stay with their family instead. Not only that, even good friends can influence them by doing alternative activities instead of computer games by playing ball games, musical instruments and others.

If children become addicted, this is called Computer Addiction or Internet Addictive Disorder in psychology. Once afflicted, the adverse effect is not only physiological and psychological but it may be even worse to deal with. Similar to heroin, cocaine, vicodin, and other classes of drugs, computer addiction can be detrimental because what is at risk is their own future.

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