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Computer training-does it really help?

by: Melissa Reyes | 08 Jul, 2010 13:09:51

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It has been said frequently that computers really evolve and dominate our lives to prove that we are living in the world of technology. However, as I see, I would like to coin the word technology to electronics. Why? They make us! How could we live without them?
I assume you rebut saying this isn't true because not all people use technologies in their lives. But come to think of what kind of life they have. In modern society, we use electronics from the smallest task to the biggest. These don't only make us do our work faster and much easier but it is far handier. This is what makes me think that we are surely required to take computer training.
Though, I learned fundamental computer when I was in college, I thought this wouldn't be applicable for all and tended to forgetting.  But it's a mistake! Everything I learned came to realization. I almost always use my computer and other gadgets or simply electronics. My money will be withdrawn through computers; this evidently shows that our basic training in computers maybe acquired in college or training centers is inseparable to the standardized environment.

Don't get me wrong but if you have a little knowledge about Microsoft office, some training centers offer this course along with other basic courses such as trouble shooting and repair, if you wish to learn about networking, they offer Cisco networking and other computer-related courses such as Java script, Comptia+  course, and other Cisco courses.

In the event that you can't find time for the training maybe because of hectic schedules in your work or at home, you can possibly gain training online. Some computer training centers on the go extended their programs through online. With the use of computer and internet connection, you can engage training and this would be beneficial not only in your current life but in the future. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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I"ve learn some basic tips how to repair my computer.

Nice one

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