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Computer Troubleshooting bloopers

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 22 Jul, 2011 23:13:08

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As we all know, troubleshooting is what we call the process of repairing a defective computer. As a computer technician, there would also be times that you’ll be experiencing funny moments with a computer. In this article, I’ll be sharing some of the troubleshooting bloopers that I’ve experienced back then.

No Power – There was this time that I was asked to check the power supply of a computer. After checking it, I told the owner that it must be replaced already and so I did. After installing it, I was shocked that the computer won’t turn on even after removing all components. After checking the power cable, I realized that it was unplugged.

No display – If a computer has no display, it would only mean that there is a problem with your video card. But in this case, there is no display but the video card is working and all cables are connected. After checking the settings of the monitor, I’ve found out that the only problem is that the monitor’s source was changed by the owner. I only restored the original settings of the monitor and it was fine again.

Mouse and keyboard won’t move – I was asked to check a computer that has a mouse and a keyboard that won’t work. I’ve checked the connection and it was plugged correctly and then after deciding to replace the mouse and the keyboard, we found out that the wires of the two was already eaten by a real mouse.

Printer won’t print – One day, a customer asked me to check his printer because according to him, it won’t print. After checking, I found out that there is no paper inserted. The customer just laughed after realizing that.

Webcam won’t work – A customer called me and complained that her webcam won’t display anything and asked me to come over her place to check. While on my way to her computer, I already saw that her webcam’s cover was still closed. All I did was to open it for her. She laughed after realizing that it must be opened first to expose the camera lens.

No internet connection – A customer is asking me to check his computer because according to him, he can’t connect to the internet. So I came over his house to check. When I arrived, I asked him if what connection is he using and he told me that he doesn’t know. After checking his computer, I found out that there is no modem, LAN cables or any other networking stuff. In short, he was not aware that in order to have an internet connection, you must first subscribe to an ISP provider. This is one of the funniest bloopers I’ve ever experienced.

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