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Computing Technology Industry Association Network Plus

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 07 Feb, 2011 18:57:58

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After you’re done with the prerequisite COMPTIA A plus course, you still have to take another related training course called COMPTIA Network plus which certification you need to pass for you to have the essential training to hone your computer skills and to retain your acquired skills in management, maintenance, troubleshooting, installation, and network infrastructure configuration.

This course runs for 40 hours in total number of comprehensive training sessions that is headed by well-versed and adept instructors who are licensed and recognized people in the Information Technology industry. Along with this, the student will be trained in a minds-on and hands-on atmosphere and standard classroom and laboratory setting for important learning activities which only CNCTC, Inc. can provide.

This course covers six main topics.

The first topic is Network Technologies which covers how to explain the function of common networking protocols; identification of commonly used default ports of Transmission Control Protocol and User Datagram Protocol, respectively; identification of address formats; and evaluation of the proper use of addressing technologies and addressing schemes; identification of common routing protocols of Internet Protocol version 4 and Internet Protocol Version 6, respectively; explanation of routing purpose and properties; and comparison of wireless communications standards characteristics.

The second thing to study is Network Media and Topologies covering categorization of standard cable types and their properties; identification of common types of connector; identification of common physical network topologies; differentiation and implementation of appropriate standards of wiring; categorization of Wide Area Network technology types and properties; categorization of Local Area Network types and properties; explanation of common logical network topologies and their characteristics; and installation of components of wiring distribution.
The third one is about Network Devices which will tackle about installation, configuration, and differentiation between commonly used network devices; functions identification of specialized network devices; explanation of the advanced features of a switch; and how to implement a basic wireless network.

The fourth on the row will discuss Network Management which covers explanation of Open Systems Interconnection model per layer functions; identification of configuration management documentation types; evaluation of the network based on configuration management documentation; how to conduct network monitoring to identify performance and connectivity issues; explanation of different methods and rationales for network performance optimization; methodology implementation of network troubleshooting; and troubleshooting of common connectivity issues and select an appropriate solution.

The fifth one is regarding Network Tools that focuses on selection of the appropriate command line interface tool and interpretation of the output to verify functionality; explanation of the purpose of network scanners; and utilization of the appropriate hardware tools.

Last but not the least is about Network Security which discusses on the explanation of – the function of hardware and software security devices, common features of firewall, the methods of network access security, and user authentication methods; and identification of common security threats and mitigation techniques.

For more details about this training course, you may click on the link below:

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