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Consumer Electronics Show Things To Watch For: Part 1

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 08 Jan, 2011 22:22:35

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The year 2011 is the year of new innovations and upcoming new electronics technology that can only be set for those people who are into wireless networks, especially, 4G. This year, you are going to be witnessing the Consumer Electronics Show which will be held in Nevada, USA in which you’ll be seeing the gallery showcasing tablets and smartphones which are on a high-speed wireless operated networks designed for you to take advantage from. There is also an update to the Google Android OS which was improved to work on tablet computers supplemental to the hardware.

We are going to focus on the first 3 things to watch for this 2011. These are Cius from Cisco, Honeycomb,a
nd 4G PlayBook from RIM. 

  • Cius from Cisco

In the tablet market enterprise, the first and biggest competitor of PlayBook by RIM is the Cius from Cisco. The tablet is very much focused on enterprise products by Cisco which includes instant messengers, Voice Over Internet Protocol, social networking calendar powered by Cisco Quad, streamline business processes by WebEx Saas, video conferencing by TelePresence, and VPN client of Cisco.

  • Honeycomb

Those people who have attended the Consumer Electronics Show got a glimpse to try for their own selves Google Android platform used for mobile which is a table-centric version. The highlight of the said event is showcasing Google Chrome browser’s updated version; the rear and front facing camera advantage which is used in Google Talk video chat app; and two-column formatted Google mail features which are all under Honeycomb or Android 3.0.

On the other hand, what will be available on 4G and 3G networks from Verizon is going to be the first tablet for Honeycomb utilization called Xoom from Motorola. Along with this, Galaxy Tab from Samsung, a Google Android operated tablet uses Frovo version 2.2 which is not improved for tablets prior to the launching of Xoom. The analysis goes as Google mentioned that those Android 3.0 powered tablets is not that easy to run as the applications were downloaded from App Market of Android as the company stated.

  • 4G PlayBook from RIM

The Research in Motion announced that it will be releasing a model which is 4G special that exclusively runs on network operated by WIMAX under Sprint which was known for PlayBook tablet of Research in Motion. It shows that the tablet is thicker than iPad, a bit lighter, and has a dual core processor of 1GHUz. The PlayBook comes installed with videoconferencing capabilities of High Definition and was made for the enterprise because it features BlackBerry gadgets’ same wireless security features.

We are going to continue this article with our second part which will tackle about Atrix by Motorola, 4G Atrix by Motorola, and LTE network by AT&T, so better stick around. 

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