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Continuous Ink System, Save more and Print more

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 27 Jul, 2011 18:29:06

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As we all know, printing back then is really expensive. A single printer cartridge would already costs you thousands of pesos depending on the brand. That is also why printing services back then was also expensive.

The new technology in printing arrived and this is called the Continuous Ink System Technology which became popular in 2005. This technology was the solution for the very high prices of ink cartridges.

Nowadays, there are already many stores that offer conversion of printers into the said technology. The price will depend on what brand and kind of printer that you have.

Advantages of Continuous ink system:

Huge savings – After converting your printer into this technology, you will surely save more because after the conversion, all you need to do is to buy a bottle of ink for refills. Ink refills would only costs around P200 compared to the normal price of an original cartridge that costs thousands.

Easy to use – After conversion, you don’t need to remove the cartridge inside the printer anymore when refilling. All you need to do is to pour some ink on the device seen connected to the printer.

Based on my own experience, after converting our printer into this technology, it really helped us save a lot for our printing costs. Normally, we would also buy those expensive cartridges because we have no choice.

For those who have an HP printer, converting your printer to this technology is not possible. HP’s cartridge design has the tendency to break after conversion and that is why it is really not advisable to try. You’ll just waste your money.

After a while, HP introduced printers that could reduce printing costs up to 50%. This might be their way to come back to business though for me, having your printer converted would still be cheaper.

The said technology is advisable in offices and internet cafe’s where printers are used almost every single day.

If you are interested in converting your printers, you could look for stores in malls that offer continuous ink system conversion. Some stores even sell brand new printers that are ready for conversion.  After conversion, make sure to ask for a warranty. There would be times that you’ll be experiencing minor problems. This technology is sensitive so I’ll advise you to just bring it for repair rather than doing it yourself. This is to avoid more problems that may occur.

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I am completely agree with you post anbd evry word.CIST. is really great technology. I used it from last four years its really saves your lots of time and money.

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