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Course For Exam In UCP And LPIC-1

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 14 Feb, 2011 23:07:59

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If you have knowledge in administration and network settings of personal computer but you still have the urge to study more and pass the certification as Ubuntu Certified Professional and Linux Professional Institute Certification plus acquire skills and knowledge essential for supporting networks which are Linux based as well as a course made for job-related tasks a professional of Linux is required to perform using Linux operating systems’ features in general. The course you need to enroll for is the 40-hour course called LPIC-1 and Ubuntu Certified Professional Certification Exam Bootcamp which can be found on the short courses list under Linux Enterprise Courses.

This course has three parts starting with Linux Professional Institute 101, Linux Professional Institute 102, and Ubuntu Certified Professional. The first part will cover overview of Linux followed by Linux system installation; hardware; usage of Linux; help; file systems; directories and files; x window system; management of package; shared libraries management; processing text; and processes. The second part is tackles about Linux system installation; Linux system configuration; background of Linux system; processes; bash scripting and Linux shell; user environments; systems of file; file system distributed; printing; kernel; networking Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol; configuration of device and network; Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol; resolution for name; Domain Name System; connectivity on a remote setting; email services send mail; web services of apache; security of network; and Simple Network Management Protocol and managing network.

The part covering Ubuntu Certified Professional starts with installation and configuration followed versions of ubuntu; cycles of release; repositories; managing package; HFS; LAMP; Apache; Hypertext Preprocessor; MySQL; Groups; Network Services; Network Services; Mail Servers; Postfix; Dovecot; port configuration firewall; servers of file; samba; transferring of file; permissions and groups; deployment of desktop; accounts & privileges of user; hardware which is removable; customization of Gnome; Backups; print servers, sharing, and queue; and many other relevant topics.

The best part is that your course fees include meals, training manuals and review materials all in one!!!

So, what are you waiting for? Telephone, e-mail, or personally visit our offices to know more about the requirements to enroll for this training, NOW.



The perfect time to enroll is TODAY! 

For further inquiries on this course and other courses, please see the link given below this article: 

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