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Course Training For Java Programming

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 16 Feb, 2011 23:40:07

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If you already have knowledge of basic programming, Windows applications working knowledge, and computer programming basic knowledge using any language for programming and still likes to study a 30-hour course that covers Java programming from basic to advance level then you need to enroll for Java Programming course training offered by CNCTC, Inc. that can be found under the category of Programming Courses on the short courses list.

This course will be led by a professional and adept Information Technology instructor in a classroom and laboratory facilities with an organized minds-on and hands-on & laboratory activities which focuses on more actual java programs implementation for integration of the Web.

After the course completion, the certified student of this program should be able to perform Web programs design as well as Java programs creation.

This course covers 10 chapters beginning with the first one which is getting started followed by JAVA then terms definition; Java language learning; object oriented programming concepts; data usage; and first program writing.

Chapter 2 tackles about methods for programming followed by class usage then class definition; class creation; instance methods usage; and methods organization.

The third chapter starts with making decision and input followed by keyboard input which is simple then the If Structure; comparison operator; structure for switch; structure for while; and structure for do – loops.

The fourth chapter begins with arrays followed by array usage for program then array of event object program uses; methods arrays passing; one dimensional array usage; primitive elements of array sorting; and two dimensional array usage.

Chapter 5 starts with strings followed by strings comparison then other strings methods usage and strings to numbers.

The sixth chapter will begin with Abstract Windows Toolkit understanding followed by frame class using then frame that classes creation; and text field, button, & checkbox creation.

Chapter 7 will start with database access for Java Database Connectivity followed by getting started then connection establishing; drivers loading; connection making; Java Database Connectivity statements creation; statements executing; statements entering; table data entering; table data acquiring; and result sets values retrieval.

The eight part of the training is consisting of 10 topics starting with Java Database Connectivity continuous followed tables updating then prepared statements usage; procedures which are stored; stored procedure creation through the use of statements of Structured Query Language; Java Database Connectivity applications creation completion; visibility of classes through importing; main method usage; catch blocks and try usage; and exceptions retrieval.

Second to the last chapter starts with Applet followed by first applet creation followed by with label; buttons and text field adding; drawing a green square instead of a red spot through a designated applet for that purpose; and display your name in purple instead of s red spot through an intended applet.

The topic of the last chapter starts with Java Swing followed by components of Swing then frames creation and showing; button, text field, and label creation; and password fields way of using.

For more details about this course see the Web link below: 

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