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Desktop Computer Cleaning Tips

by: Kenneth Tello | 25 Nov, 2010 11:56:53

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No matter how sophisticated your computer components are, they are still no match when it comes to dirt and dust. In most cases it is the excessive dirt and dust inside the computer casing that causes your computer to slow down its performance. So in order for your computer to be in good health and working condition, it is important to make cleaning your computer a habit. In fact, you don’t need to be a professional computer technician to clean your system unit. You alone can maintain your computer’s cleanliness by following these simple tips.

Computer Environment tells how often you clean your computer

The location of your computer will have a great impact on how often will you be cleaning your computer. The amount of dirt your computer case gets depends on where your computer is being placed. The cleaner the place or the room, the smaller the dirt your computer will accumulate. But on the average, you need to clean your computer at least once in every 4 months – 4 times a year is ideal but it depends again on the environment.

Tools used for cleaning

Before you get carried away with the excitement of opening your computer case and cleaning your system unit, know first what are the tools or cleaning equipment you must use in cleaning. Using the wrong cleaning equipment and solutions might damage internal components of your computer. Here are the common tools you need and must use when cleaning your computer.

  • Damp cloth – use cloth with only little moist in rubbing only external components like CPU casing, optical drives, monitor, keyboard and mouse. Rub gently on the surface to remove all the dirt that sticks to the metal or plastic casing of your computer components. A word of caution, never use damp cloth in cleaning internal components like motherboard or RAM. Internal components are ultra sensitive especially when the power is on to avoid any damages on your computer’s internal components.
  • Small vacuum or blower – this is very important tool in cleaning your computer. Small vacuum or blower removes all the dirt and dust not only on the visible portions but on the inner parts like CPU fan or those spots that cannot be reached by your hands.
  • Water or alcohol – there are dirt and stains that cannot be removed my cloth alone. Here, you need to moisten your cloth with water or alcohol to remove tough dirt and stains.
  • Cotton buds – you also need cotton buds in cleaning portions on your mouse or keyboards that cannot be reached by cloth. You can also use it when cleaning motherboard or hard drive; just make sure that it is dry.

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