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Don’t You Dare Say These Words in Front of Your Boss!

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 02 Jul, 2010 18:53:10

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If you don’t want to have an out of the blue forced resignation, don’t even think about saying these statements as you talk with your boss.

I’ll try. So you’ll try. Then after trying what next? Am I going to be sure you have the work done or you’ll come back wasting paid hours saying you’ve failed? This is how your boss would think if you’ll squirt out this unmindful reply. Be sure with what you say and clear out by having confirmed answers.

I don’t know. How come you don’t? It is your job to be aware with everything that covers up your work.  Notice what your company is up to, specifically your group’s activities. When you have a meeting, listen. Have a note of important events, schedules, new policies, plans, or any info that is essential in keeping track of the job. Do ask if something is unclear. Replenish yourself with info’s connected to your job.

It’s not my job. Definitely, when your boss receives this kind of answer he’ll surely burst out of fury. He’s the boss, remember? It’s basic that you should follow him when you’re at work. Maybe, he wants you to have new tasks for career improvement. Who knows you may be subject for promotion. Don’t spoil the possibilities.

Give this to others (pertaining to work). Are you claiming to have the privilege of disseminating work? Are you the new promoted chief? More than anyone, the head should know who’s burdened and who’s not. Fellow colleagues may even have more designated tasks more than you do. If you can have more work than they do, much better. Why? It will make you ahead of the competition. Be active and let the company know of your potentials and capabilities.

You did not give me enough time. Upon receive of the duty you should have known how much time it would take to get things done. Thus, lacking time is not a worthwhile excuse. You’re absolutely claiming rebellion if you blur out this kind of response.

I can’t. Then why did you take effort in applying to your job, if you can’t. Once you take the job, you’re declaring your capability of doing every duty that comes along with the position. If you haven’t got the full grasp of the activity, take effort to learn.

I’ve seen employees come in and go because they aren’t interested with the career they are taking. No matter how you hide it if you really don’t love what you do, eventually it will show out. Be sure with what you like and grab it. Proper actions and words will come out naturally with enthusiasm.

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