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Easy-To-Do Techniques To Fix Personal Computer Issues: Series 2

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 23 Dec, 2010 14:44:35

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On this series we will tackle about understanding weird error messages and optical drive booting.

  • Optical Drive Booting

Sometimes, even booting our computers takes a lot of effort to do, most especially when there are errors in the system. It will not take you a minute to boot your personal computer from the optical drive instead of using hard drive to reinstall access repair tools or Windows on your Windows Digital Versatile Disc (DVD). Before you reboot the system make sure that your DVD is inserted while Windows operating system is on function. You may press the right key (F12 or F10 or Esc) when you see instructions like Change Boot Order, Select Boot Device, and the like after thoroughly watching the on-screen text while its booting time. Reboot the machine and reboot once more if you miss a key which will not take a minute. Press Return after using arrow keys to choose your optical drive once you’re in the menu. A little patience is needed to do this process so you may need to wait shortly. A message something like-To boot from CD press Return- or similar will appear on your screen. Remember that the system will continue its normal booting process using hard drive if you don’t press the correct button. 

·          Understanding Weird Error Messages 

Most of us who are using computer programs sometimes encounter weird error messages when you hit a wrong key or choose an invalid option. When this type of issue happens, it will take less than 10 minutes to write down the text or message as is, as long as the error messages don’t make your system crashed. For you to retain the error message on the screen you need to transfer to a different personal computer if the error has made your PC unable. 

You can pretend that you are the only person who have ever seen or received that error message for an easy noting of the error and you can use that error message to research on the best and possible solutions to apply from the Web. There’s no better assistance to correct the error but through the use of Microsoft support and files for standard help. You may click through the results you found on the internet when you are to search solutions on error messages you encountered. You may take note that a bad audio driver will lead to the problem which involves creating some editing on your Registry or removing some files.  

On the third part of this series you’ll be learning about audio problems troubleshooting and bad driver roll-backing. So keep on reading for more updates. 

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