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Easy-To-Do Techniques To Fix Personal Computer Issues: Series 3

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 23 Dec, 2010 18:53:18

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Now, we are going to conclude this series with 2 more computer issues that are commonly experienced by users. You’ll be learning how to deal with audio problems troubleshooting and bad driver roll-backing. 

Bad Driver Roll-Backing

This part will focus mainly on your computer drivers. If you want to keep your computer drivers current on support for new features and fixing bug, you need to update it regularly that will take less than 5 minutes. You should return on using older version and find out if that could fix the issue when you notice that after applying a new patch your personal computer behaves differently or if it is fails suddenly. It is a good thing to know that you can easily return on using older versions either installing new drivers through Windows update or through the use of downloadable drivers through accessing the Website of the manufacturer. With just a few clicks, you can return on using downgraded version of a driver. The first move to do is to open the control panel of the Device Manager; if you want to roll back a driver you may browse its device, and then the device in question is the one you need to double-click. You may click on the Driver tab on the screen for properties. At this point, after doing the first few procedures, you may now follow the wizard to return to the loaded driver previously after clicking on Roll Back Driver and you may have to reboot your system as well. You can easily distinguish when an older driver is not available if the option is grayed out. On the other hand, if you want to undo installations of a driver and if you like to know driver updates, you may use the function for Windows’ System Restore to recover it.

Audio Problems Troubleshooting

In less than 10 minutes, you may try several simple steps if your personal computer’s audio properties are not functioning well. Through your PCs hardware you can check if your unit is muted or not after restarting it. You can then check if your speakers are on and then put the volume higher after pressing any external mute buttons. You may use the control panel for sound by clicking Sounds tab, choose Asterisk, and then click Test when you want to test your PCs audio capacity while playing music. You may check on Windows if the procedures mentioned don’t work through verifying if the sound is not muted and is on after left-clicking the audio icon located in the system tray. At this point, you can click on Open Volume Mixer after right-clicking the icon for audio. Make sure that all sound options are on and are running. Once more you may check the sound after plugging the headphones into the jack when you like to check if the internal speakers are still working. You may remove the headphones to troubleshoot the internal speakers continuously if it is working. Choose Playback devices after right-clicking the sound icon is the next step and then you can check if your speakers have green checkmark. You have to be sure that you choose an enabled Use this device option after clicking on Properties. The truth is that your audio controller may have a corrupt or missing driver if your sound still not working. By typing device manager on the search box of the Start menu, you can uninstall the driver through opening the Device Manager, going to controllers for game, video and sound, choosing audio controller, and then pressing the Delete key. The Windows reinstallation of the driver will be an automatic process after you restart the system. Before you manually reinstall your driver, remember if the reinstallation process doesn’t work, you may download the driver from the site of your audio card manufacturer or from the site of your PC maker.

There you have it the Easy-To-Do Techniques To Fix Personal Computer Issues: Series 1, 2, and 3. 

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