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Even Web Advertising Networks Are Hacked Or Can Be Malware Infested

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 11 Dec, 2010 21:38:36

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This week could be one of the most remarkable weeks in the history of the World Wide Web. Based on the statement by Amorize security consultancy, internet villains or web terrorists planted ads with malicious nature on Microsoft Corporation’s and’s network of advertisements online which directly attacks personal computer users.

This computer and cyberspace devastating incident happened on the first few days of the first week of December which was only short-lived. The scheme started when a victim who clicked an advertisement is linked to webpage/s with malicious contents. When you are right on the malicious page, it will then be a leeway for software bugs to take over the control of your personal computer which then attacks your entire system, or the worst thing is it will be the main road to destruction of your PCs because it will be infested with malware. But just made an action to this problem after experiencing a slight attack on its DoubleClick link.

The good thing to know is that the DoubleClick advertisement network of has the capability to detect and block malicious ware or contents in no time because of its automatic filters according to the spokesman of Google. He added that Google’s security team is directly coordinating with Amorize for the surveillance and removal of infected clusters coming from different advertising sites. But he can’t really figure out the intense of the ads’ maliciousness which penetrated the advertising networks operated by Google.

On the other hand, cyber terrorists outwit Google by serving those advertisements coming from a familiar domain that was used by a well known advertisement serving entity called AdShuffle from Texas which was not available to be used for making comments last weekend.

In addition to this incident, Amorize and company detected similar advertisements on Live Hotmail service of which Microsoft Corporation is currently searching on the possible link for the reasons but cannot give any statements for the moment based on their email message. They added that this culprit was made to corrupt your personal computer software, Adobe Reader, and Java programs with bugs which was already known. This means that those PC users with latest antivirus and malware products need not to worry about this for they are already secured from dangers of a cyberspace attack. A similar incident happen last year which only lasted for a few days after it was treated and the culprits were destroyed.

You have to be aware of what sites, links, web pages, pop-ups, and programs you are opening in the first place. The moral is, don’t just be convinced or encouraged to go through or open a link right away. You have to make a second, third, or think it thoroughly before you engage yourself to unknown web sources.

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