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Extraordinary Websites Used For Searching – TinEye, Siri, and Vlingo

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 24 Feb, 2011 23:03:22

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Ordinarily speaking, most people who are in to searching different things are usually go for services of leading search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask, and other popular searching Websites that are typically used on the internet. Now, not all internet users know that there are more interesting alternative sites that can be used for searching in cyberspace.

This article series will discuss 10 of the latest Websites that you can use for searching from simple words to complex matters.

On this part of the series we will discuss the first 3 extraordinary Websites used as search engines. These are TinEye, Siri, and Vlingo.

Here are their functions:


  • TinEye

The reverse image search engine called TinEye allows you to find image which is already been uploaded, searched, and used on the internet. The image itself will be used for searching, and this is the first search engine for images on the internet using the technology of image identification instead of watermarks, keywords, or metadata. TinEye searches billions of images that can be found in its database for others using fingerprint matches partially or just about the same after a composition-based creation of fingerprint which is unmatchable or the ones with no existing similar images or same matches upon submission of the image used for reference. This is also ideally used for searching infringers of copyrights because it can trace images that are modified using digital means.


  • Siri

There is a mobile personal assistant that is activated for voice, mapping location, and several other Websites for tasks completion like purchasing passes for a movie in cinemas or transportation booking, this is called Siri. Using this is so simple. Upon launching the app you may say something about booking in a certain place or establishment, its location, and exact time. If you’re done, Siri will transform into text all words you’ve mentioned, confirm the correctness of the statement from you, and it automatically link itself to a site for table booking after checking reservations. The result will be displayed and a button will appear for you to click.

  • Vlingo

Now, you no longer have to type the word or phrase you like to find but you can just say it. You can use a phone application called Vlingo which is a voice-based search engine that allows you say what you want to search on your phone and a map of Google will be opened where you can see that everything on it is noted.

(More will be discussed on the next part of this series. Keep on reading these valuable articles from this site.)

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