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Faster Internet with 4G LTE

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 23 Apr, 2014 12:06:20

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Internet connection nowadays is far more better compared a decade before. I do remember using a dial up connection wherein you need to plug your modem to a telephone line in order to connect to the internet with a speed of only 56 kbps. Downloading a 10mb file would take you hours unlike now that it would only take you a few seconds for it to be finished. A 1.5mbps connection may already be fast for others but for some, this isn't enough and this is where LTE comes in. LTE stands for Long-Term Evolution or commonly known as the 4G connection.

LTE connection was already available years back in other countries but was only recently acquired by the Philippines. If you are not happy anymore with the current speed that you are using, upgrading to 4g/LTE might be the best solution for you.

It is nice to know that telecommunication companies are doing their very best to come up with upgrades that would benefit us. The LTE connection is a fast internet by the use of mobile data and was introduced at first for mobiles only but now, it could already be used for computers wherein you just need... to buy a 4G sim card and a 4G capable dongle. Here in the Philippines, LTE connection might not be that fast compared to other countries but it is definitely faster compared to a standard home broadband connection.

As an LTE user, I can testify that this connection is around 5 times or even 10 times faster than a broadband connection. With this kind of connection, it would allow you to watch videos, download files or browse the net faster.

This type of connection will depend on the area where you are. At the moment, there are only few LTE spots in the Philippines but a few years from now, I am quite sure that they would be upgrading their equipments to further support LTE spots in most areas. For those places that are not yet covered by LTE, 3G or even slower connections are still supported though of course, it would not be that fast.

This 4G connection might be one of the best upgrades that telecommunication companies have ever done but it doesn't stop here. I won't be surprised if another upgrade would be done a few years from now and would result to a better, more stable and faster internet connection here in the Philippines.


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