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Fixing the Blue Screen of Death

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 20 Dec, 2010 18:58:56

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This error that is also known as BSOD/ bluescreen is a fatal system error that is displayed when your windows operating system has encountered a critical error which results to a system crash. These kinds of errors are normally caused by hardware errors or driver problems which can cause your system to temporarily stop responding.  This error can cause panic to some computer users though this errors can be fixed by you. Below are some of the tips on how to fix the BSOD error.

1.       Reboot – This is the very first step in fixing BSOD errors because it might only show once and can already resolve your problem but if not, you must move to the next step.

2.       Remove newly installed hardwares – There might be a problem in your newly installed hardware which resulted to this error. Remove all newly installed hardware and check if it is now working properly.

3.       Check your motherboard for possible faulty hardware – Check your RAM if it is properly placed or you can even remove it first and then clean it with a pencil eraser. Check your motherboard for possible burns or damages. If there is something that needs replacement, do it immediately to avoid further damages on your motherboard.

4.       Clean your motherboard and other devices – In some instances, dusts can also cause errors in your system. Even the tiniest dirt can cause severe errors. Clean your devices once in a while to avoid dust accumulation inside your computer.

5.       Use a registry cleaner – Run a registry cleaner to help you remove errors in your system. This can remove unnecessary records on your computer. This can also make your system run faster. After doing a scan, it will automatically remove errors on your computer.

6.       System Restore – If the above tips still can’t fix your problem, you might want to restore to an earlier time where your computer is functioning well. This might cause some of your newly installed programs not to work but it is one of the steps in restoring your computer to its functional state.

7.       Keep your drivers updated – Always make sure that your drivers are up to date to maximize your hardware. This can prevent you from experiencing certain types of errors.

These are some of the ways on how to fix your BSOD problems. Another thing, copy the error found on the BSOD page to help you trace the cause of error and to prevent it from showing again.

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