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Flash Cookies Management Techniques

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 24 Jan, 2011 23:59:55

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Before going on any further, first you need to note that Flash cookies are not the same as cookies which are downloaded familiarly speaking through internet browsers but their purposes or uses are closely similar. These are named as Persistent Identification Elements or otherwise called Local Shared Objects.

Their main purpose is tag your PC with data that are able to process by the websites whenever you logon like the function of cookies which are of standard level. You must be careful regarding your browsing manner because some sites are actually use it as a medium to tract it even though most data is not harmful.

The Adobe Flash player is the program that downloads Flash cookies as the name suggests. Even if you don’t see any visible Flash played, you can still get Flash cookies. The browser cookies may be larger up to 100 kilobytes which have the SOL extension file name.

You will be learning the techniques in various methods for electively managing and removing cookies which can’t be applied to Flash cookies.

  • ·          Good cookies of the Flash cookies

Take note that some cookies are used by different entities like subscription sites, brokerages, and banks to mark your PC as having an open account, even though majority of the Flash cookies are used by websites and online sales people who are attempting to trace your buying and browsing manners.

  • ·          Mozilla Firefox Add-on called Better Privacy

If your way to manage Flash cookies is through the use of an extension which of Mozilla Firefox origin, then it is an automatic thing that the browser you are typically using is Mozilla Firefox. This permits you to tag ones as protected before you perform the general deletion task for the rest but Flash cookies are not blocked. Whenever you leave Mozilla Firefox, this likewise provides an instant deletion of Flash cookies which are not protected.

  • ·          CCleaner

This very popular tool provides you the option to exclude cookies individually from being deleted and under the heading Application>-Multimedia>Adobe Flash Player, the deletion of the Flash cookies is provided.

  • ·          Settings manager for Adobe Flash Player

The Flash player indeed has no Flash cookies management facility. On the other hand, a more complex manner for control panel running is available on the web which is provided by Adobe. There are two applications existing for Flash cookies management which are Mozilla Firefox extension, and the other one which permits one-by-one Flash cookies deletion.

  • ·          Version 1.2 of Flash Cookies Cleaner

For you to have options for deleting cookies, the vesion 1.2 of Flash cookies cleaner has free little program which is 100 kilobytes to show you list of Flash cookies on your entire system.


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