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Free Online Keyboard That Can Be Used By Handicapped Persons

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 24 Feb, 2011 17:53:58

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It is given that for a handicap person to send clicks to the system of their PC, they can only use input devices such as trackball, joystick, or mouse but the real keyboard is out of the way. The good news is that handicapped individuals can now use an online keyboard named Free Virtual Keyboard by Windows.

There are no big differences comparing both the real computer keyboard and the Free Virtual Keyboard in the sense that they can perform the same functions and features needed by its users. The only thing they differ one from the other is that the real keyboard of your PC is tangible and no longer needs downloading while Free Virtual Keyboard is downloadable or can be installed & uninstalled.

The Free Virtual Keyboard is friendly on your fingertips, weightless, can be used on any language, and best of all it is free of charge. This Free Virtual Keyboard works on any Ultra-Mobile Personal Computer system which is typically Windows-based like panel computers, tablet computers, and ultra-mobile computers. This screen-based keyboard software may be the one you’ve been looking for, especially, for handicapped people.

Like for instance, if your manual keyboard is too small or inconvenient to use for note taking or e-mail communication, the Free Virtual Keyboard will be handy for you because it has large keys to get by. This free online keyboard is preferable for those people with disability and movement issues.

With just a single click, you can modify the appearance, hue, and size of your Free Virtual Keyboard. When your Free Virtual Keyboard is invoked, it can change its size instantly up to the full-screen mode. This keyboard setup can work in both the portrait and landscape platform.

If you like to automatically repeat important keys, you can press it continuously through Free Virtual Keyboard’s automatic function to repeat the same character over and over.

Another thing to be happy about using Free Virtual Keyboard is you can put it on any stick of Universal Serial Bus and from there you can run it directly since this application is absolutely movable. You can use your Free Virtual Keyboard whenever and wherever you are because its settings are stored in a file location in the folder for installation of program called FreeVK.ini when storing in the registry is not possible.

Now, with the arrival of Free Virtual Keyboard, computing tasks will never be the same again, especially, for those with special needs like the handicapped or people with disability.

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