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FREE Reciprocal Link Exchange Add your link to relevant websites

by: Melissa Reyes | 22 Sep, 2010 07:33:20

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Link building is one of the most important techniques in gaining high page rank in google's search engine. SEO experts are doing all possible ways to build backlinks to their site. One way of acquiring inbound links is through Free reciprocal link exchange this is the process of exchanging links to each others website. Webmaster A will add text links or image link to webmaster B's website and webmaster B will also add text links or image link to webmaster A's website this is what we call a direct Link Exchange.

If you have multiple website you can use indirect link exchange in this technique you will get 1 way link to your site and your partner site will also get a one way link to his website. We can make and indirect link exhange by having your Website1 link added to website2 and then you will add website2 link to your website3. This method of reciprocal link building is much better because of one way direct links you get from other sites.

When you do reciprocal link exchange be careful with whom you would exchange link with because you might degrade your website's value by linking to irrelevant, banned or sandboxed websites do some research work by looking at the background of the site that is exchanging links with you. Here are some of the things you should know about your would be link partners:

1. Site Relevance -  Ensure that the contents of the site you are exchanging links should be relevant to your websites contents. Google puts some value to inbound links that is on the same boat as you are

2. Site Page Rank
-  Exchange links with sites who have the same pagerank or higher than your site's pagerank the higher pagerank you can exchange with the better. As much as possible avoid site with 0 pagerank or none at all it will not give you any value whatsoever in terms of google pageranking.

3 Banned or Sandboxed site
- Do your home work by determining whether you are echanging links with a banned website. If you search a website's URL address in google and google does not dispaly anything chances are the site is banned maybe due to the site is implementing a BLACK HAT SEO techniques and google learned about it or sites have massive duplicate contents or maybe the site is one or two days old and google did not index yet the site.

There are other techniques to acquire backlinks to your site. Reciprocal link exchange is simply one of them. The following are other ways to get links to your site

1. Search Engine Submission
2. Web Directory Submissions
3. Article Submission
4. Press Release Submission
5. RSS Feeds submission
6. Blogs Comment posting
7. Forum profile posting
8. Classified ads Posting
9. Links for sale (not reccomended)
10. etc

All of the techniques mentioned above are time consuming and nerve racking it takes a lot of effort to do it and will take awhile to get results. If you have funds you can hire someone to do all the SEO work for you there are so many SEO companies out there that will offer all of the above techniques. just be careful with unscrupolous SEO's.


If you want to exchange links with us and feel that your website have what it takes to be added in our link resources page,  you may do so by clicking this ADD YOUR LINK.
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