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Gadget Buying Tip: 5 Factors You Need to Pick Satisfying Thingamajig

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 12 Jul, 2010 07:13:59

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People get easily hooked with the hi-tech thingy bandwagon. Being exposed to advertisements and trendy friends can make you decide without thinking. Later when the excitement is over, you’ll discover out the blue that what you bought isn’t what you need. To avoid this kind of dilemma, consider these 5 wise equipping things:

Factor 1: Specific Reason

Ask yourself why are you buying? Do you really need that “so cool” gadget? If you really do, consider other alternative way in satisfying your need without buying the stuff. If there are no convenient alternative, then go! Just keep in mind stick to your purpose for you to avoid the hypnotizing bandwagon.

Factor 2: Criteria for Choosing

From your “valid reason”, draft out the features that you’ll require for the gadget. Be strict on yourself in having these features only. Oftentimes, additional features mean additional money, and thus, additional inconvenience for your pocket.

Factor 3: Fix Budget

Assess your capability in buying. Compute how much you could provide and stick to that budget. If you have no fund in buying, then don’t push it. You’ll only stress yourself. If you have spare money without giving up your needs, go for it. Few months with zero gimmick is only one of the little sacrifices you can endure.

Factor 4: Reviewing Archive

Now that you have criteria, it’s time to get on with the searching. Search the net for gadgets that got the features you require within your fixed budget. List the “passing” gadgets along with their model names. Then, check out credible gadget reviews and evaluations of these gadgets. Most probably, you’ll have final decision of what you wanted to buy.

Factor 5: Credible Seller

Last but not the least; you’ll need to find a credible seller. Prefer to deal with official distributors of the gadget. Most likely, these stores offer the gadget in lower price compared to other stores. In addition, they offer warranties and free services that come along in buying the gadget. Beware of stores that sell pirated gadgets. Most of these stores don’t reveal that they are selling fake stuffs.

Take advantage of the market competition. There are a lot of hi-tech gadgets available with features same as expensive ones, but come in affordable price. You don’t have to spend much and be ****ed “much” in getting in with the trend. Sometimes being unique will get you in the lead, especially if it means you are wise in your every decision.

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