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Gadgets and tips for your car's protection

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 28 Jan, 2011 20:05:48

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Many of us are aware that the car napping incidents in the country is increasing. This involves not only the new model cars but also the old model cars. These incidents can be minimized by the help of some gadgets that can be installed on your car. Below are some samples of the said gadgets.

Car Alarm – Car alarm is a device installed in a car which serves as the main protection of cars from thieves. Cars with alarms can really help you protect your car because of its loud siren that will automatically alarm when the car was opened without the use of the remote, when a blast occurred nearby and also when the car was smashed or some force was received by the car itself. Due to the advancement of technology, car alarms have evolved. Some alarms can automatically switch the car’s engine off when it is being stolen. The car can only start again when a secret switch can be pushed before the car engine turns off again. The owner must be the only one to know the location of the secret switch for your car’s protection.

 GPS tracker – This device that help you track your car or monitor it. This can also be used to trace your car when it was car napped.

Steering lock – Steering locks may be an old way of protecting your car but it is still effective. Steering lock’s prevents the use of the car’s steering wheel. Steering locks needs a key to remove it which can be very hard for thieves to steal cars with steering locks.

 The said gadgets can be helpful for car owners in protecting their cars. In addition to these gadgets, below are some tips for car owners.

Never keep valuables inside your car – Valuables can be very tempting for thieves. Don’t leave cellphones, laptops or anything that can attract thieves. Take your valuables with you all the time.

Never leave spare keys inside your car – Even if you hide your keys inside your car, thieves do know where it is. They will find it wherever it is.

Never leave your keys in the ignition – Leaving your car in the car’s ignition is a very dangerous thing to do. Even if you are just leaving your car for a few seconds/minutes, it is still very risky.

The said gadgets and tips are ways to prevent thieves from your car. Always remember that thieves don’t just steal new cars but old cars as well. Make sure to keep your car secured all the time.

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