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by: Vianca C. Villar | 25 Jan, 2010 16:17:01

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Still unemployed? Job hunting can be really tough these days. One vacant position may have at least less than one hundred applications excluding those under consideration. You can just imagine how hard it is getting that coveted post. Selling yourself is the art you will need to master when facing your potential employers requiring basic preparation and assessment of your skills to help you land that job. Here are a few things you can do to get yourself hired this 2010!
Dedicate Time
Yes, that's true. Job Hunting requires dedication and time to prepare. You may not land a job easily given certain employment criteria and competition amongst applicants. Do not be disheartened if you do not get considered the first time, not everyone does. Remember it may take a series of failed attempts to lead you to the right job. Learn from these attempts and let it guide you for your next interview. Patience and perseverance may play vital roles in this process. Take one step at a time and learn from each of them.
Consider other Jobs
Most applicants will limit their search in industries they are familiar with. Do not deny yourself the chance of discovering other skills or potentials you may have in another line of work. Who knows, this might just be the one for you.
Create your Resume
For every jobseeker it is imperative to create a comprehensive document as way to market yourself. It is after all, your ticket into landing that post giving your employers a good first impression of how and what you are. It is what employers primarily consider even before calling applicants for initial interviews.
Also, it is recommended that you tailor-fit your resumes to the position you are applying for. Minimize grammatical errors and highlight or bullet certain skills or description that you think employers are looking for to make it easier for them to qualify you for the job. You can make a general résumé which you can edit or alter tailored to a certain application or position.
Come prepared for Interviews
It always pays to be prepared. Surely, you do not want to get tongue tied on your interview or worse, your mind going completely blank. To avoid this from happening, you can come up with usual interview questions and answer them to the best of your abilities. You can even practice with a relative or a friend whose undergone the same screening or interview process for tips in soliciting a YES or a even a two thumbs up from the interviewer.

Maintain your Network
Once you've created your resume you will need to post in online job sites (e.g. Job Street, Jobs DB, Jobs Bank Online etc...) as they provide wider options for the type of job you're looking for as well as vacancies in other fields. It's a good practice to always update your online resumes with newly-acquired skills that potential employers might be looking for. However, it's not only job sites that can give you the information you need you can still join or visit clubs, social networking sites or chat rooms.
Apart from online job hunting you can ask friends or relatives about a certain type of job you're wanting. You can seek comments or suggestions from others who had experience in that same line of career to get a better understanding of the kind of work you're getting yourself into and not back out after a few months of getting hired. Keep your network open for various job openings.
Learn about your Industry
It is essential that you educate yourself about the industry you want to be part of as interviewers may ask you about what you know about their company. Update yourself with what's in demand in that field for it may change and evolve through time.
Keep a Positive Mental Attitude
More than creating your resume, preparing for your interviews and researching about the companies you want to apply for it is important than you keep a positive mental attitude for it ensures that you persevere to get the job you want to have. It can never be that easy getting employed but pursuing that goal and keeping a positive outlook can help you out. Believing in you and in your abilities puts other requirements second in realizing that job desired.
Keep your support groups (family and friends) close for self-esteem may lower when failing to ace interviews or not being accepted for the post. They will help you keep your toes up for the challenge.
These are just simple steps you can follow to help get through that grueling job hunting process. Get up and get employed this 2010!

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