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Google + for Apple

by: Ailene B. Misa | 03 Nov, 2011 12:30:06

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In previous years, when you heard the word Google, everyone will think about it as search engine.  As the years pass by, Google continuously developed new applications and provided new features among the existing applications.

Nowadays, Google has started dominating beyond the cyberspace by moving to the mobile world.  Most of the mobile companies are continuously manufacturing cell phone units that use Google’s mobile operating software-Android.

Just recently, after Android’s success in mobile applications, Google has launched its new mobile application,  iPhone apps for Google+.  This Google+ native application has finally entered on Apple’s iOS platform. 

This application was considered as an essential highlight for the techie’s crowd social networking, where in a mobile user can get updates from their posts in real time. 

This Google application for Apples’ mobile phones is free to download on your mobile unit.  However, there are some exclusion on this project like it can’t be used for 2nd generation iPod because it doesn’t support the application. 

In the launching of this project, Google Senior Vice President Vic Gundotra declared: “..with the iOS Google+ app, everyone can share just the right stuff, with just the right circles.”

Sharing was made possible with the circle of Apple mobile users.  This was even widely use with Apple’s iTune.

Google + stretched to accomplish further than 10 million mobile users and this is still rising.  More and more iPhone users are really enjoying this newest app from Google+ specifically designed for social networking. 

In my personal point of view, I observe that this new application goes after parallel user interface indications from Facebook’s app.

With iOS Google+ app, it allows Apple mobile users supervise the flow of posts from their followers, from those who follow them. and other posts from those who are geographically close to them.  Not only that, it also lets the mobile users to publish post to their group of friends.  Everyone can be up to date of what’s happening within the member of the circle.

In addition, it was found out that this app performs great on WiFi.  As soon as you get connected on the internet, one can start using this app.

This cool and wonderful application has been word of mouth of many iPhone/iPod users.  The satisfaction and enjoyment makes these users spread the good news from this new application.

Also, this application supports all your Google + needs.  Nowadays, everyone has started treating their iPhone as their desktop, and work conveniently with the Google+ apps.

Lastly, this app allows mobile user to create an immediate chartrooms with his/her contacts.

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