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Google Android Phone Library

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 09 Jan, 2011 16:25:46

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You can browse a number of free, copyright-expired book classics or purchase and read new e-books with the Google Android Phone Library.

Now you can have the convenience of carrying the whole library equivalent of books using one device called E-book readers, like Nook and Kindle. On the other hand, for those people who don’t have enough budgets to buy a Kindle, there is good news. There is an e-reader which is about a pocket size and has the capability of an E-book reader which is your Google Android Phone Library. Now, the Google Android Books application will bring your phone a great number of catalogs.

The library of your Google Android Books will be synchronized as you add books to it, and your account for Google will have hooks of applications. Now, to free your memory device, you may save the books to your Secure Digital Card. The app will start with classic novels and stories if you don’t have the library yet for Google Android Books. Because of the expired copyrights of these classic books, these are available free of charge. 

The shopping service which directly links to your Google account is the one called Google Checkout, from where you can buy electronics books that are totally new. The transactions are so easy to accomplish since the stored information is being reused for succeeding purchases. Before hand, you need to enter your pertinent data and your credit or debit card number when you do your first purchase.

The features that the app has are limited, so you can only see the original’s photographic representation because some out-of-print books only exist as scans. These books probably offer the only way feasible to access out-of-print or rare titles. The situation will depend on the book whether it has a type which is easy-to-read and others may have table of contents which are functional. The clarity of font and navigation is supported better in the most popular works of literature.

Through pressing the button for Get ebooks, you can add to your library. You can do a little searching by keyword, author or title when you browse by category. The advice would be, when you want to see books written by a person, you don’t have to go to a bunch of random junk which may contain an incidental mention of the person’s name that is if you are to run a search using an author’s name. You cannot look on the words definition and do text selection, nor does the app for Google Books let you annotate or bookmark pages, which comes differently with Kindle app from Amazon which got a lot of improvement. An interface which is superior is provided by the Kindle app.

Now, with your Google Checkout and Google account, Google Books app main draw is its seamless integration. When it comes to features, you can be sure that the Google Books doesn’t compete that much with other e-reader application.

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