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Google Drive, Google's online file storage

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 30 Apr, 2014 12:09:18

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More than a decade ago, floppy disks were used to save files but the only problem with it is that you could only save around 3mb of space for a single disk which is really small. Just imagine saving a 100mb file back then, it would need several floppy disks which make it more complicated to save. Several years later, the flash drive was invented which supports higher storage capacity which we could use to store bigger files like music, videos, movies and pictures. In our present time where almost everyone is online every day, there are already several sites that offer online storage and of them is Google.

Google's online storage is called Google drive which allows users to store and access their files anywhere and anytime. If you'll register with them, you'll be entitled with a free account which allows you to store up to 15GB. This would be good enough for documents and for a few movies but if ever that you still need additional space, you could still subscribe to their plans depending on the space that you need. Below are the storage plans that they offer.

15 GB - FREE
100 GB - $1.99 per month
1 TB... - $9.99 per month
10 TB - $99.99 per month
20 TB - $199.99 per month
30 TB - $299.99 per month

The said prices are reasonable and would really benefit those who are always on the go, those who are into photography, movies, music or even those who just want to have storage online. If you do have storage online, it would be better if you do have a fast internet connection for you to upload or download your files faster and without any issues.

As added information, Google drive is not just a typical online storage but you could also view your files online. You could even edit your documents from the site itself which make Goggle drive better compared to other sites. Having an online storage is also like having a portable hard disk where you could bring wherever you go.

Everything now is online but as a much as possible, avoid uploading any important documents or bank account details on your account. Their sites might be secure but as long as it's online, it would still at risk and hackers could still find ways on how to access it. It is better to be safe rather than to be sorry.

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