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Group Picture Taking At Its Best: Part 1

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 28 Dec, 2010 19:50:31

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It is a sure thing that many people who own an electronic camera are most of the time well-versed with regards to picture taking techniques and procedures which produces quality photos in a memorable event. There are times that you yourself are asked for assistance on a group picture taking because people recognize you as techie when it comes to different aspects such as angular, postural, and conventional photography. While doing a picture taking session, of course there are questions which arise automatically upon every hit of the shutter release. You subconsciously asking yourself the common questions like if all people are in the picture and no one left untaken, if all people in the picture stared to the same direction, or if one or more people was blinking or have winked, etc.

Now, to do your best in solving the issues mentioned you need to follow easy-to-do techniques to make your picture taking session remarkable and memorable at the same time.

  • For you to get the most out of the pictures you’re taking you have to instruct everyone who are about to be included in the photo to be focused and mentally alert; and on your part you can do the job fairly smooth by focusing to the one nearest to the camera and picking a smaller aperture. You may try a scene shot with a landscape theme for the same effect to be achieved.
  • For you to do subject arrangement and direct two free hands, you may use the option for previewing live and use tripod to set your camera. You may check the Liquid Crystal Display on how things are running whether it is easier than steadfastly do lifting of your camera to match your eye level down and up and if it will be faster when it is mounted on a tripod. You can also join the group as you take the picture yourself and setting self timer option when you use a tripod.

· If everyone on the picture-to be had their eyes open-wide, the images you will be taking will be a masterpiece even with large numbers of people. Now to reverse negative outcomes to a more positive result, it is better to take multiple photos all in one sitting. Other technique is to start picture taking session with all people’s eyes shut, and then after counting from 1 to 3 they need to open their eyes wide.

You’ll be learning four more best techniques for group picture taking on the next part of this article series so continue reading for updates.

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